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Here are some ideas for your future site that we can offer you:

1. Interactive data visualization tools: The site could feature interactive charts, graphs, and maps that allow users to explore and analyze data in a more engaging and visual way.

2. Collaborative data projects: The site could host collaborative data projects where researchers, academics, and citizens can work together to collect, analyze, and share data on specific topics related to Ukraine.

3. Data storytelling: The site could feature data-driven stories and articles that use visualizations and infographics to present complex data in a more accessible and engaging format.

4. Data-driven policy recommendations: The site could have a section dedicated to data-driven policy recommendations, where experts and researchers can submit proposals based on their analysis of available data.

5. Data journalism hub: The site could serve as a hub for data journalism in Ukraine, providing resources, training, and opportunities for journalists to use data in their reporting.

6. Online data courses: The site could offer online courses and workshops on data analysis, visualization, and storytelling, aimed at improving data literacy among citizens and professionals.

7. Data hackathons: The site could organize data hackathons where participants can use open data from the site to develop innovative solutions to social and economic challenges in Ukraine.

8. Data showcase: The site could have a section dedicated to showcasing the most interesting and impactful data visualizations, projects, and stories created by users.

9. Open data advocacy: The site could also serve as a platform for open data advocacy, promoting the importance of transparency and data accessibility in Ukraine.

10. Data marketplace: The site could feature a marketplace where users can buy and sell datasets, providing a platform for data monetization and incentivizing data sharing.

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